Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell

Nikosi Exports is one of India's Top Coconut Based Product Exporters. We have been working for several years and are dealing with a range of customers from different parts of the world. The offerings are unmatched because of the reliability and price of the goods.

Coconut shell is the toughest component covered in coconut fruit. The coconut shell is situated between the coconut flesh and the coconut husk. This shell is usually designed to cover the inner portion of the coconut. Shell is used for the development of various handicrafts and other applications. Many handmade decoration items are produced by using coconut shells because of their strength. Coconut shells are also used to produce charcoal, which is used as food, and this coconut charcoal is much stronger than other charcoals.

Coconut shell charcoal is commonly used for the manufacture of active carbon. Usually, activated carbon is known as carbon dioxide, which has been treated with oxygen. Active carbon is commonly used to eliminate impurities. Coconut shell charcoals are commonly used in the purification industry and other sectors that use active carbon.

Many of the countries in South Asia and the Pacific where coconut is grown render a variety of coconut shells. The strong shape of this shell is ideal for creating handicrafts, and the strength of the coconut shell keeps these handicrafts for a longer period of time. There is a tremendous market for these forms of natural handicrafts all over the world.


Product specifications

Product Coconut shell
Moisture 15.00%
Dust 3.00%
Ball copra Ball Copra is typically the fine, well-dried whole of the coconut kernel and is used in a number of food preparations as well as in a tasty nut.
Payment Terms TT- 35% Advance and 65% against scanned copy of shipment documents / Irrevocable L/C (with prime bank)
Packing 50kg -Per Bag
Loadability Load ability of 20ft container : 10 Metric Ton ,Load ability of 40ft container : 20 Metric Ton


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