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NIKOSI EXPORTS is one of India's leading exporters of fresh coconut. We supply fresh and semi-husked coconuts. These coconuts can be easily broken and are enriched with coconut water. The coconuts are fully mature and light brown in color. We make sure that the fresh coconuts stay intact when packing the coconuts.


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Coconut Copra

Copra(or) Dry Coconut is a coconut endosperm separated from the shell and husk. It consists of a white and fleshy edible portion of the seed with an outer brown skin, which is divided into two sections and then dried to a specified moisture level. We are the leading supplier of copra in Kangayam. We are engaged in the supply of dried coconuts in India and abroad. Copra is sun-dried or dried using special copra dryers and is available in the following forms.


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